Mother’s Day photo shoot

Mother's Day family photo shoot, Bethnal Green

It’s always a real pleasure meeting a family and taking photos with them. Not only are the resulting photographs really satisfying but the whole studio visit is a memorable event and experience. The Hall family visited the studio for a Mother’s Day shoot, they had received the shoot as a gift from a friend and as they said themselves ‘it wasn’t something that they would usually have done’.

When they arrived they were a little nervous about what the shoot might entail, we discussed what they were looking for and decided upon a relaxed shoot which focussed on their new baby.

Four month old baby Hall was thoroughly entertaining and discovered that if she coughed every time I pointed the camera at her, she made us all laugh. And typically as soon as we laughed and I lowered the camera, she would smile. The final photos of her capture her wide eyed curiosity and the family were delighted.

‘Sean, thank you so much for the photos – they’re really beautiful, we’re delighted. You also made us feel very welcome and relaxed.’

These days we take so many images on phones and other digital formats which could easily be lost or corrupted, its rarer that we print out high quality photographs anymore. As the Hall family commented:

‘We’ve been able to send the prints to family here and abroad as presents. It’s a great memento of our first family Mother’s Day’


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